Friday, August 2, 2013

New: Black Jack Equipment Mount

If you've ever wanted that one product that could hold your flashlight securely onto any piece of equipment or cutting tool, it's finally here!

The Black Jack Equipment mount is designed to attach a flashlight any extrication or cutting tool you're using on the scene.

It attaches to the cross bar and will allow for complete adjustability even with a gloved hand. The quick release lever attachment helps it to be easily switched from tool to tool in the shortest time with no need for wrench.

There's no time for a wrench in a sticky situation anyway!

The light can be pointed as needed when you use the tool, so that means that once you're using the tool and realize the light needs to be adjusted, just do so easily and quickly while it's attached and get back to work.

This mount is designed to accommodate the tactical style lights from Surefire, Pelican, Streamlight and any round light with a 1"-1 1/8" diameter including Streamlight PolyTac, Pelican PM6 3330 & M6, SureFire G2 Series, Night Stick Tac series and Brite Strike lights.

While easily attaching to extrication equipment and cutting tools, the Black Jack mount is also designed to fit on square tubing that can be found on many ventilation fan chassis.

Check out the Black Jack Equipment Mount here. 

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