Friday, August 23, 2013

Hoods, hoods, hoods galore! (with a video, too!)

If you're looking for a great NFPA approved hood, we carry a huge stock of awesome hoods and we know you will find one (or a few) you will absolutely love.

If you aren't quite sure which style to go for, the video below, with Peter K and a hoods expert is sure to help clear up any questions you have.

Now, will you go for the PAC1A style? The PACII (the most popular)? Or do you want that longer, fuller length with the PACIII?

Will you choose a fun, bright color? Or you the more subtle, understated type? Are you into the speciality style hoods, where you can support Breast Cancer Awareness in your pink, show your Irish Heritage with a shamrock hood, or your fun, free-spirit with a tie-dye hood?

No matter which you choose, you can't go wrong since above appearance, safety is our top concern and these hoods are made to do just that. To keep you safe and fit and feel like skin underneath your helmet.

We have many *NEW* designs so look for the little blue "new" sign to indicate which are the freshest hoods we have.

Shop our huge Hoods selection, now!

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