Wednesday, June 26, 2013

TheFireStore is SOCIAL!

It's no secret that social media is where it's at these days. TheFireStore strives to stay on it's A-Game in this area so we can stay connected to you, have a place to field questions/comments, and where we can show you some of the latest and greatest at a moments notice!

If you aren't connected with us in the following places, please do!

We are available...

Facebook is a great place to connect with us, ask a question, find out when new sales and products come out, see the latest blog posts, and sometimes find a great article and dialogue with other firefighters about products. It's also a great place to make your wishlist and share it with family and friends using our new Wishlist for Facebook Application

Twitter is another way you can chat with us, @thefirestore when you make a great purchase and want to tell your friends, or it's just a great way to stay up to date on blog posts and more!

Do you pin?? You should! It's such an awesome way to store all your ideas, favorite products, favorite recipes, firefighter quotes and more, all in one spot! Just sign up for a Pinterest account, follow TheFireStore there, and start pinning! You'll find us pinning some of our best, most popular products, and heck, even the best chili recipes for the firehouse.

TheFireStore is also on instagram. Everyone instagrams these days, and we do, too! Be sure to follow us for little behind the scene sneak peeks of our company fun-day's, on location at the tradeshow's and for new product pics!

Join us on these sites and let's get social!

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