Monday, June 24, 2013

On Scene Review: Streamlight Survivor

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This week we are reviewing the Streamlight Survivor LED 4AA model handlight.  It was tested and reviewed by members of the Stafford County (Virginia) Fire and Rescue Service.

We tested the Streamlight: Survivor LED 4AA Alkaline Model, 140 Lumens during our live burn scenarios (Flashover Simulator) over three days recently. The Survivor light proved to be the same strong and durable light as others that Streamlight produces. 

We compared the Survivor LED 4AA to the traditional rechargable Survivor light and found it to be just as strong with a longer lasting user time. The light maintained the same intensity throughout its use. 

The 140 Lumen bulb provides an adequate amount of light in darkened area’s with a pinpoint beam. The Survivor LED is easily gripped and light to handle.

We also compared the weight of the Survivor LED 4AA to the traditional Survivor rechargable right angle light and found it to be much lighter especially when hand held.  We clipped the light to other articles of clothing and found it to be much more user friendly.

With the Survivor LED 4AA, we found that having to locate a charger or electrical outlet to be obsolete.  All we required were 4AA Alkaline batteries and we were back on the job.
The Survivor LED 4AA Alkaline Model offers multiple points of attachment to ensure that the Survivor LED remains secured to the Firefighter.

The Survivor LED 4AA is lightweight and easily accessable to turn on via a push button switch located on the top of the light. It is easily operated while wearing gloves, too.

We can easily recommend this light.

Mathew Warren, Lieutenant
Stafford County Fire and Rescue Training Division

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