Friday, April 12, 2013

The Irons: Axe & Halligan with marrying strap

Now you have the opportunity to get a killer set of irons for an unbeatable price! Both a rugged Axe & a Halligan Bar, with a marrying strap for convenience and ease--we've got the Leatherhead Tools for you.

This Axe is perfect for ventilation, to be used for forcible entry and overhaul. It's an easier to use axe that's 100% American made. It's flat axe head is 6lbs, with a 36" Hi-Viz (or choice of hickory) handle. The head of the axe is drop forged of high carbon steel.

The Halligan bar that can conveniently be married to the axe is an idea forcible entry tool that can be used for rescue or extrication. It's 1 piece and forged from high carbon steel which gives it optimum strength and lasting rigidity! Since it is heat treated it meets and exceeds ANSI specs.

The entire bundle is an American Made bundle for a lifetime of use and abuse!

Check out more details on this great Dual of Tools on our website, here

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