Monday, April 15, 2013

On Scene Review: Pac II Strategic Vent Zone Hood

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This week we are reviewing the Majestic: PAC II SVZ, Strategic Vent Zone Hood. The hood was tested and reviewed by Sergeant Stephen Snider of the Stafford County Virginia Fire & Rescue Service. His experience and comments on the hood are included here:

I recently was given the Majestic PAC II SVZ Strategic Vent Zone Hood to test its operational performance, as well as compare to the current model I was using. It comes in three colors, charcoal, white, and yellow.  We were sent the charcoal model to use.

The hood had a good fit both lengthwise and around the opening for the mask. The PAC II also fit well under the my Globe Extreme Structural Fire Coat, and did not ride up during operations. The vented fabric on the top of the hood (see above photo) allowed heat to escape, and made for very comfortable operations. 

We have been holding a couple of weeks of live-burn evolutions for our current recruit school and I was able to give the hood a valid testing during the structural fires.

I used this hood in multiple training burns (roughly 20 evolutions) as an ignitor, and was pleasantly surprised at how well it performed in high heat situations. 

This hood held up better then the normal PBI hood I have used in the past. I can feel heat through the much thinner PBI hoods. The PAC II also doesn't seem to stain or change colors after use, which was common among others I have used in the past.

The PAC II SVZ Strategic Vent Zone Hood was used at Orange County Training Burn House, Hanover County Training Burn House, and Loudoun County Training Burn House. Each evolution the hood was used in I felt very comfortable and safe and felt no heat. The hood does not hold sweat and allows the firefighter to use the hood over and over again with out switching hoods. I would highly recommend this hood.

Sergeant Stephen Snider
Stafford County Fire and Rescue

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