Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Mobile Sites & Updates

One of our sites, now targets SmartPhone users with the launch of our new Mobile Site that allows you to browse cleanly through our website using your phone.

Simply type '' in your phone's browser and instantly view all the same categories as our full website, but in a simpler, easier to navigate from your phone-view.

The way it's laid out for you is nice and large, and helps to avoid eye-strain that comes when viewing smaller non-mobile-friendly sites.

Security is still our #1 priority, and you can safely check-out via your smartphone making going to the computer, or making a phone call not even necessary!

At the bottom of the pages you still have access to the full site, to our facebook, instagram, and twitter pages, as well as our hours clearly posted for your convenience.


Our TheFireStore Mobile site has been updated as well! If you're a frequent mobile shopper there, you may not notice many differences, but in the back-end, changes were made to make your shopping experience even more pleasant from your mobile device.

As always, thanks for shopping OfficerStore & TheFirestore and enjoy our fresh mobile sites!

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