Monday, March 25, 2013

Looking for PPE? We Own the Court!

TheFireStore prides itself on having everything but the truck, because it's true! We stock thousands upon thousands of items, that you need to stay safe and do the best job you can on the scene.

Our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) category on our website is MASSIVE because we sell it all! 

Personal Protective Equipment covers a wide range of items including structural turnout gear from Globe, Janesville, and Morning Pride to PGI, Crew Boss and LION wildland turnout gear. Keep your cool with hoods from Majestic, PGI, Honeywell and Fire-Dex.

Protect your hands while performing critical operations thanks to gloves from Honeywell, Pro-Tech 8, LION, Shelby, and Ringers. Keep an eye on danger with eye protection from ESS, Cairns, Morning Pride, Bolle, Smith Optics and Wiley X
Execute rescues with rope and webbing by Sterling, RIT systems and components from CMC and RIT Bag, as well as belts and harness systems from Gemtor, PacMule, and Yates.

For Personal Protective Equipment, look no where else but TheFireStore, because we own the court.

Shop PPE now!
(free shipping on orders over $100, ENDS 11:59 AM EST ON 3/25/13.)

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