Monday, August 27, 2012

On Scene Review: Honeywell MaskMate Hood

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This week we are reviewing the Honeywell MaskMate Hood. This hood improves the air mask-to-hood interface with an opening that adapts to face size and shape. The new design is engineered to maximize field of view without compromising an effective and safe overlap between the hood and the edge of any contemporary air mask lens or gasket

The hood was field-tested by Technician Justin Doyle of the Stafford County (Virginia) Fire & Rescue Department. His comments and experience with the hood are included here:
The Honeywell MaskMate Hood

I used this hood during a fire academy fire training burn recently. We had evolutions all day and it was tested in a variety of situations.

I was stoking the fires and also monitoring floor safety during the evolutions, so I was using it constantly throughout the day. During the entire training session it did a good job of keeping the heat off of my neck and ears.
It fits well, snugly and comfortable. It is made of a lightweight material and not too bulky while still effectively doing its job. When it is not in use, it does not bulge underneath my running coat.
It did not adversely affect the fit of my helmet over it. Likewise it never obstructed my view through the SCBA facepiece and did not interfere with the mask seal.

I noticed during the evolutions that my hands and rest of my body were feeling the heat well before my head and neck did.
I am very satisfied with this product.
.....Tech. Justin Doyle
Stafford County Fire & Rescue Dept.
Want to learn more about the NEW Honeywell MaskMate Hood?

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