Tuesday, September 4, 2012

On Scene Review: True North DRINK Hydration Pack

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This week we are reviewing the True North DRINK Hydration Pack.

The pack was field-tested by Technician II Paul Hines of the Stafford County (Virginia) Fire & Rescue Department. Recently the Stafford County FRD has begun issuing hydration packs to firefighter recruits when they begin their recruit school.
His comments and experience with the hydration pack are included here:
True North DRINK Hydration Pack
I had the opportunity to test the True North Guardian Hydration Pack. The pack lived up to my expectations, and performed exactly as advertised. Having never owned any form of a "hydration pack," I was unsure what to expect. As an avid runner, I have been assigned as the PT instructor for our career recruit academies. I found that this particular pack addressed a few different obstacles that I have run into while running the recruits PT sessions.

Number one is the ability to transport an adequate amount of water on our long runs. Carrying a water bottle in hand isn’t only cumbersome, it is impossible to carry enough to fulfill our needs. The Hydration Pack holds approx. 3 liters of fluid that is dispensed through a sucking tube that has a sturdy bite valve. The tube has a neoprene cover that helps insulate the fluid that is stored in it. 

Number two would be the reflective properties of the pack. This is my favorite feature because it allows all the recruits to ditch their bulky reflective vests when we are exercising. 

My last concern was the comfort of the Guardian Pack. Would it wear or chafe anywhere during a long run? Would it fit snug and tight, regardless of the amount of water remaining? It answered all of these questions exactly as I had hoped. Snug fit, straps never loosened, didn’t bounce too much during the run, never wore on my shoulders, and worked properly till the last drop of water was drunk. .
It also has a handy zippered pocket in the backpack where you can store items that you might need while you are away from the truck, such as your gloves. The shoulder straps have "break-away" connections for obvious safety's sake.
Overall I was very satisfied with the True North DRINK Guardian Hydration Pack. I would recommend it to any runner or firefighter who could make use of it such as extended brush fires or other prolonged tasks such as pump operations. Especially to those who are looking for a comfortable way to carry more water, or those who take runs at lower light times, such as dusk.
.......... Tech II Paul Hines
Stafford County Fire & Rescue Dept

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