Monday, April 16, 2012

New Product: Pelican 3715 Right Angle LED Flashlight

One of your favorite lights, the Pelican Big Ed, has been upgraded to the 3715 Right Angle, LED! The same overall right angle design, yet featuring the LED bulbs, with four different lighting modes, including a new downcast mode!

This light will not disappoint with features & specs like these:

  • Powerful LEDs to cut through smoke and light a beam up to 278 meter

  • 4 valuable modes of output: high, low, downcast, flashing

  • Downcast mode allows you to shine light ahead on your next steps without having to move the flashlight

  • The wide body and heavy duty clip prevents flopping and unstable lighting

  • The push button switch is conveniently located at the top of the light so you can quickly change the modes, even with a gloved hand

  • Made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee—you won’t find many brands of lights willing to make this kind of promise. Pelican stands behind this light, for life!

  • Available colors: safety yellow with black shroud, safety yellow with photoluminescent shroud or black with black shroud

  • This light is a definite investment into your safety, and is a brighter more durable light than others out there--LIFETIME guaranteed, too.

    Want to see more color options, more specs, and get your hands on one of these?

    Then check out our website for more details

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