Monday, March 12, 2012

On Scene Review: Akron Tri-Bar Forcible Entry Tool

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"We tried out the Akron Tri-Bar with the curved adz end. We used it for a variety of forced-door entry and lock-breaking evolutions using both ends of the tool. The tool is very well made of a single-piece casting that weighs about 10 lbs. After using it in several methods, it did not show any stress or tendency to failure.

In a limited number of situations (such as prying a door with a rabbeted jamb that swings away from you with one person using the adz end) it gives a distinct mechanical advantage. But overall there are few unique benefits to this design. 

The reduced striking area when utilizing the forked end is a downside and most of us disliked the carrying strap eyelets being in the way. While some people may like the tool having the carry strap and it could be a selling point for some, the eyelets would be better if they were located differently, perhaps 90-degrees around the shaft from the present location. I don't know if this would complicate the casting of the tool, though.

The squared head opposite the eyelet on the forked ends does allow for a "bar slide" with a striking tool in tight quarters. In our experience to achieve that with a pry-bar halligan you would have to modify with a file or grinding wheel. 

 The fellas here across the shifts would probably choose the traditional halligan for everyday use, but this could be a useful tool in the box for that special situation."
Lt. Bert Lace,
Stafford County Fire & Rescue

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