Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Best Seller: Shields of Valor

There's no denying that our Leather Fronts of top notch in quality. Not only are they made of the highest quality leather, but they look great, are totally customizable, and a necessary and unique part of your gear.

We have an amazing feature on our website that we call our Build It, See It, Buy It program, where you can go through the entire shield ordering process, changing colors, design, number of panels, lettering color, center number/letter, body width, etc.

Playing with our Build It, See It, Buy It program is half the fun! The other half the fun is when you actually receive the custom beauty and get to add your unique design to your helmet, step back, and oooh & ahh at your creation.

If you've never gotten a chance to use our online program to build a custom shield, you have to try it out! It's a blast, and watching your shield come to life in front of you is a fun, added perk. You could even print it out and subtly leave it around to 'drop the hint' to friends and family about your shield needs & wants. Shields of Valor make awesome Christmas gifts*.

So hop on our Build It, See It, Buy It page today to get started.

For details on our shields, please see our FAQ page

*Custom shields will take approx. 2-3 weeks to manufacture and ship. Leather front orders for three (3) or less will be shipped via US mail. Orders for four (4) or more, or if express shipping options are selected, will ship via UPS. Please select the correct shipping address based on quantity or shipping preferences during checkout.

Please place your order by the following dates to receive by or before Dec. 23
Christmas Delivery USPS:Dec. 7
Christmas Delivery UPS 3 day:Dec. 14
Christmas Delivery UPS 2 day:Dec. 15
Christmas Delivery UPS 1 day:Dec. 16

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