Monday, November 14, 2011

On Scene Reviews: Door Chock Search & Rescue Hook

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This week we are reviewing the TFS Search and Rescue Hook, a device that can also assist as a door chock. It's primary purpose is to serve as a secure and reliable source to hook a carabiner for a life-line into before entering a space for a search. It saves time because once you chock the door, you will not have to search about for a tie-off point. The Search and Rescue Tool performs both functions. The manufacturer adds to the description: 

-Secures doors in open position simply by placing the hook over a hinge 
-Ring keeps door open and provides quick and easy attachment for search and rescue line, so you have a safe return to the door every time 
-Durable, all welded steel construction with red powder coated finish 
-For use on residential or commercial doors 
-Compact, perfect for pocket or under helmet band(weight: 4.5 oz / length: approx. 4”) 
-Made by a firefighter for firefighters in the USA

The Training Division of the Stafford County (Virginia) Fire and Rescue Department put the hook through a workout and this is what they found:

We made several trial uses of the Search and Rescue Hook in different settings.

Using a lifeline is not a standard evolution during our searches, but it does have practicality in R.I.T. situations and special circumstances.

We tried using the hook in a variety of situations and it was successful on door hinges and the perforated metal wall studs. It held firmly and was reliable. It was also quickly attched and hooked into. In a commercial or other large area, there may be nothing to attach it to, however.

All the guys trying it felt that it is easy and convenient to deploy, yet limited in where it can be used. Overall, we liked using the hook when we could.

For more details or to purchase the TFS: Door Chock & Rescue Hook, click here

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