Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Booster Squad: Water Balloon Toss

I'm sure you're thinking, the Happy Booster Squad--what's that? With a name like that, it's sure to bring some sunshine to the workplace.

You see, the Happy Booster Squad at TheFireStore was created to incorporate fun, morale-boosting events for those of us here at headquarters. The squad, which is made up of a diverse team of employees, plan monthly events which range from cooking contests to company picnics. The Happy Booster Squad has just begun their 2nd year and have big plans for future events. Some things we have to look forward to include a company-wide softball game, talent show, plant growing contest, and even an advertising slogan contest!

Our most recent event, held this past Friday, was a water balloon toss. We had over 13 teams competing for tickets to Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, and the little 'ole toss got quite intense & exciting.

There were a sea of bystanders and crowd-cheerer's watching as one by one (or should I say, splash-by-splash) the teams got narrowed down to only two. 

Jim Witmer (CEO) was in the final two! You can see it didn't quite end well :)
In the end, after a tough battle, a bunch of busted balloons, and some changes of clothes later...our winners were Isaac & Steve.

TheFireStore employee water balloon was a success and a perfect addition to a hot and humid Friday.

Stay tuned for future Happy Booster Squad events!

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