Friday, July 29, 2011

On Location: The Embroidery Department.

Our Embroidery & Embellishments department at TheFireStore recently had a big move! You see, many of our competitors outsource their embroidery, but we continue to expand our in-house embroidery and embellishments. So, we've been doing some rearranging around here, and since building our new 30,000 square foot warehouse, we've now acquired more space to expand our Embroidery Department into a much needed, larger location.

The move into the new space allows for this department fulfill more orders, have quicker turnaround times, add more machines to increase production, and most of all-have more space. 

The Embroidery Department is always humming with the sound of running machines and with new ideas we think our customers would love. 

We've recently revamped our hat selection on our website and are selling authentic Flexfit hats, which are the best quality out there, and they're totally customizable.  

The latest creation is this insert-style customizable hat which mimics the shape of an FDNY insert using our new, popular 3-D look. You choose the color hat, the insert color, the number on the insert, and then you can even add a name or department name in simple letters on the back. 
If you think this hat is only to display your pride in your department, think again. We have guys (and girls) wearing them to represent their favorite sports team or player, too! The ideas are have fun with it!

Whether you need a whole bulk-load* of items customized, or a single item, we're the one-stop-shop for all your embroidery needs. 


To order your insert style customizable hat, click here and follow the directions, it's simple!

*For bulk orders and pricing, or for customizable artwork, please email:


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