Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Celebrating 175 years with Cairns: Sam Houston Helmet Sale!

Yet again we're back with a celebration sale in honor of Cairns 175th anniversary! I told you these sales were going to be incredible, and I wasn't lying.

This week we're pulling out all the stops by offering a sale on our N6A, Sam Houston Leather helmets.

11% off on traditional leather helmets to this quality? Is a deal of a lifetime. Also, you'll get a free Fire Helmet History book with your purchase to add to your collection and to help you brush up on your helmet knowledge.

I thought that rather than hearing me ramble all sorts of fun facts about the ever popular N6A helmet, (for details and specs, you can go here) that we would ask those of YOU who wear that helmet just why you love it so much.

So, we asked our Facebook & Twitter followers, and here are a few of your responses:

Now's your time to snatch up one of your favorite helmets and join the Leather Forever club, too. 

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