Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Streamlight LED Scene Light: Rapidly Deployed, Easily Stowed

Now even brighter, the Streamlight Portable Extendable C4 LED Scene Light can produce up to 3,600 powerful lumens – a perfect tool for keeping your surroundings bright and visible when working on-scene.

Streamlight Portable Extendable C4 LED Scene Light

The combination of C4® LEDs and wide-pattern parabolic reflectors results in a smooth-flood pattern, while optimized electronics offer regulated intensity. An unbreakable, polycarbonate lens is o-ring-sealed and features a scratch-resistant coating.

Streamlight Portable Extendable C4 LED Scene Light

The Streamlight Portable Extendable C4 LED Scene Light’s versatile lighting options are virtually unmatched: Select its “high” setting for a powerfully bright, 3,600-lumen beam that extends 410 meters and lasts for four hours; choose its “medium” setting to utilize an intense, 2,500-lumen beam that runs for nine hours and extends 292 meters; or choose the “low” setting, which features an extended run time of 18 hours and has a 1,300-lumen, 215-meter beam. Plus, you can utilize an AC/DC power cord and enjoy indefinite run time.

Streamlight Portable Extendable C4 LED Scene Light

The Streamlight Portable Extendable C4 LED Scene Light is constructed of a high-impact, thermoplastic housing, is IP67-rated, dust-tight, and waterproof up to one meter for 30 minutes. It can pack to a diminutive size (22 inches), which makes it extremely easy to store and transport.  Also included with it is a 72-inch pole with a 90-degree swivel neck that allows you to aim its polycarbonate lens and focus the beam wherever it is needed for task-lighting purposes. The pole’s built-in cord prevents snags, and its stabilization legs provide balance on uneven surfaces. The entire unit can be fully deployed and locked in less than 30 seconds. Some additional specs include:

  • selectable diffuser settings for two beam widths
  • sealed, lead-acid batteries, rechargeable up to 500 times
  • serialized for positive identification
  • shoulder strap included

For more information and to get yours, be sure to check out our eBay listing.


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lens and focus the beam wherever it is needed for task-lighting purposes. The pole’s built-in cord prevents snags, and its stabilization legs provide balance on uneven surfaces.

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"Streamlight's LED Scene Light Rapidly is a game-changer! This innovative lighting solution combines the reliability and durability we've come to expect from Streamlight with lightning-fast deployment for any scene. Whether it's a search and rescue operation, firefighting, or law enforcement response, this light delivers unparalleled performance when every second counts. Its powerful LED technology illuminates vast areas with exceptional clarity, enhancing safety and efficiency for first responders. Streamlight continues to set the standard for quality and innovation in the industry, and the LED Scene Light Rapidly is no exception. A must-have tool for any emergency response team!"

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The blend of C4® LEDs and wide-design explanatory reflectors brings about a smooth-flood design, while enhanced hardware offer directed force. A tough, polycarbonate focal point is o-ring-fixed and includes a scratch-safe covering.

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