Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The RAMFAN Safest Smoke Ejector Is Designed For Those Whose Response Areas Present Heavy-Industrial, Chemical, or HazMat Hazards

As the manufacturer of RAMFAN portable ventilators and accessories for industrial use, Euramco Safety, Inc., produces durable survival tools for those brave enough to work in the most extreme atmospheres and job sites in the world. Their all-encompassing reputation of providing specialized, portable-ventilation solutions to ensure a safe workplace is something that their devoted clientele has come to rely on and be proud of for almost 30 years. The RAMFAN Safest Smoke Ejector is a perfect reflection of their professionalism and is an ideal choice for handling any hazardous-location ventilation jobs.

RAMFAN Safest Smoke Ejector

The RAMFAN Safest Smoke Ejector measures 16 inches in length and is the only whole-unit-certified, explosion-proof portable ventilator available on the market today. It easily adheres to the stringent, hazardous-location-use standards of UL IECEx, and ATEX, thereby making it the safest available ventilator for venting of hazardous, airborne vapors and particulates.

Fully capable of safely blowing or expelling hazardous or explosive gasses, the RAMFAN Safest Smoke Ejector’s high-strength, anti-static, glass-reinforced ABS housing is lightweight, corrosion-proof, and chemical-resistant. The RAMFAN Safest Smoke Ejector can be positioned virtually anywhere due to the flexibility of movement allowed by its 30-foot-long (nine-meter) power cable, and its IP55 rain-tested switch enclosure makes it powerfully moisture-resistant. Additional specs include the following:

RAMFAN Safest Smoke Ejector

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