Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Protect Your Legs & Stay Comfy With The Bunker Boot Mate

Guided by a safety-centered mindset geared toward continually developing products to greatly improve workplace satisfaction along with personal safety, SuperFlo SafeT Systems has revolutionized the fire and safety industry for fellow firefighters and emergency service professionals. Their Bunker Boot Mate specifically functions to achieve this goal, as it is designed to help protect your legs while keeping your turnout pants comfortably placed over your boots.

SuperFlo Bunker Boot Mate

Imagine this: You’re on the scene of a house fire. You’re walking on the roof, and you step on a soft spot. Suddenly, you’re falling and as you do so, the fabric of your turnout pants catches on one of the roof’s shingles. The result? Your leg is now exposed to the intense heat and flames below you. This exact scenario occurs countless times each year, primarily due to the ease of your turnout pants being able to ride up over your boots.

Similarly, your turnout pants can easily ride up your legs when you’re crawling backward, which makes your legs vulnerable to exposure during a fire. Until recently, there wasn’t a product that could address these serious safety issues and provide high levels of comfort to firefighters when performing their physically demanding jobs…until now: Whether you’re running, crawling, or squatting, The SuperFlo Bunker Boot Mate is a non-invasive strap made of fire-resistant Kevlar and Nomex materials that allows you to safely and efficiently perform all your job-related duties without being restricted in any way.

SuperFlo Bunker Boot Mate

Proudly made in the U.S., the SuperFlo Bunker Boot Mate conveniently snaps in between the existing two snaps that are located between the liner and outer shell of most turnout pants. Then, it wraps around your boot’s instep so that it can attach to the remaining pair of snaps on the opposite side, thereby eliminating the heat-exposure risks that are present when walking on roofs or when crawling backward. It is abrasion-resistant and essentially self-cleaning due to its Nanosphere coating – even the toughest dirt and grime can be removed when cleaned with just water! Additionally, each SuperFlo Bunker Boot Mate is equipped with two reflective stripes.

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