Monday, September 26, 2016

Iron Fox Axes Black Flathead Axe: Elegant And Powerful

Iron Fox Axes prides themselves on creating axes that mirror the strength and versatility of the brave firefighters who wield them. Skillfully designed and built to dominate the modern fire ground, the Iron Fox Axes Black Flathead Axe has become a stalwart companion to firefighters and represents an enduring legacy of excellence to the fire service industry. Its elegance, power, and destructive force are unmatched and will redefine the conventional, industry-accepted standards of what a fire axe is capable of achieving.

Iron Fox Axes Black Flathead Axe

Easily overcoming the shortfalls of traditional axes, the Iron Fox Axes Black Flathead Axe features a patented, cutting-edge blade that is used to make effortless cuts and quickly create openings and purchase points, all due to the top of the blade being raised higher and pitched forward. Similar to a traditional axe, the tip tapers to the cutting surface from back to front, and the edge is ground like a chisel to allow it to endure intense levels of abuse – much more than a traditional hollow-ground axe blade – thereby avoiding damage. Overstrikes can be avoided thanks to the extended beard of the blade, which also allows for a longer cut. The thickest portion of the blade features an edge that directs energy to the centerline, which augments the force applied to the point of contact.

The Iron Fox Axes Black Flathead Axe was carefully crafted to maintain the same properties that gave its predecessor, the Fox, superior performance and a reliable feel. Along with infusing stock to the rear and widening its flat surface, a slight radius was infused to the back of the axe. Thanks to the radius, you can greatly improve your angle of impact and strike your target evenly, which reduces any chances of deflection, and diminishes any potential feedback into the handle.

The handle is comprised of 2nd growth, pure white, blemish-free Tennessee Hickory, which is water-starved in order to bring the grain closer together. Fire-hardening tempers the wood, forging it into the toughest, sturdiest handle of any axe available today. Four wedges attach it to the head of the axe (unlike most axes that have only one): A lateral wood wedge and three metal wedges work in tandem to brace the head in all directions. Alternatively, the axe can accommodate a high-performance fiberglass haft, which is pressure-rated at 1,200 pounds, features a “fawn’s foot”, non-slip grip, which remains firm even if you’re wearing wet gloves, and is firmly epoxied to the head, ensuring that it will not come unhinged.

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