Wednesday, July 27, 2016

DQE Kore Kooler® Rehab Chair

For over 25 years, DQE has offered vitally important, emergency-preparedness expertise that has allowed a variety of entities, ranging from national organizations and government agencies to fire departments and law enforcement agencies, to better prepare for the consequences of natural and man-made disasters. They’ve accomplished this by producing practical products that improve the safety and readiness of the response and healthcare community. One such product is the DQE Kore Kooler® Rehab Chair. Here’s the deal on how this innovative product can effectively combat heat stress:

DQE Kore Kooler® Rehab Chair

Through hand and forearm immersion, the DQE Kore Kooler® Rehab Chair offers an effective method of lowering body temperature, and when used in conjunction with resting and hydration, it is an excellent way for firefighters and first responders to reduce the harmful impacts of stress on their health. Here’s how to use it:

  • fill both reservoir bags w/ 50- to 86-degree-Fahrenheit water / 10- to 30-degree-Celcius water up to 1 inch from the top

  • insert hands and entire forearms into the water

  • circulate water by slightly moving forearms every few minutes, which maximizes the cooling effect

  • keep hands, forearms in water for at least 20 minutes to ensure maximum benefits: ambient water drains the heat from blood vessels and skin in order to allow cooled blood to return to the heart and be pumped throughout the body

  • remove filled bags at the conclusion of each rehab and replace with a new bag

Use the DQE Kore Kooler® Rehab Chair to rehab during large-scale or long-duration incidents, high-rise ops, training exercises, and more. Here are some additional specs:

  • seat height: 16 inches

  • chair weight: 11 pounds

  • weight limit: 300 pounds

  • sling construction resembles a hammock to provide support and relaxation

  • head cushion attached to back of chair for added comfort

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The DQE Kore Kooler® Rehab Chair stands as an innovative solution for efficient patient care and comfort. This chair seamlessly combines functionality with ergonomic design, offering a rehabilitation experience that prioritizes both the caregiver and patient. Engineered with versatility in mind, it provides adjustable features to accommodate various body types and rehabilitation needs.