Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New: The Akron Revel Scout Scene Light

Need a scene light with unmatched versatility that offers an extremely fast and flexible deployment? Take a look below for all the details on the new Akron Revel Scout scene light.

Whether you choose to hang it on a vertical surface, set it on a flat surface, spike it to a wall, or even strap it to a ladder, the 12-pound Akron Revel Scout scene light is specifically designed to increase the safety of both firefighters and emergency responders. Need to evenly and completely light both exterior scene and interior spaces? Its spot- and flood-light pattern consists of 14,000 lumens, along with an LED tactical scene light and a rechargeable battery that revolutionize the operational ease of fire-scene lighting.

The Akron Revel Scout scene light features more options than any other LED scene lights, which allows you to successfully accomplish any number of tasks. Its 28-volt, removable, rechargeable battery powers an illuminating combination of flood- and spot-light optics, so you can be assured of ample scene visibility when lighting any number of exterior areas, including vehicles, structures, parking lots, and overhead hazards. Additionally, use the light inside for overhaul and other tasks.

For more information and to orders yours in 120-volt or 12-volt DC, be sure to visit

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