Tuesday, June 28, 2016

HexArmor EXT Rescue Barrier 4014 Extrication Gloves

With over a decade of experience serving the cut- and puncture-safety market, HexArmor’s team of safety advisors worked closely with their customers to garner their input in order to give them the protection they deserve. As a result, HexArmor has redefined safety by developing unique safety products that meet the specific needs of their customers. The HexArmor EXT Rescue Barrier 4014 Gloves were purpose-built to be the safest glove available for first responders.

This great addition to the EXT Rescue® Series, the HexArmor EXT Rescue Barrier 4014 Gloves, successfully prevents the liner from being pulled out, a common occurrence and frequent complaint regarding barrier gloves. No longer will you struggle to get your hands back into your gloves. Why? The liner is sewn-in. These comfortable, OSHA-compliant gloves feature superior protection in any environment. Here’s the deal:

  • palms feature interior layers comprised of SuperFabric® brand material that have ISEA Level 5 cut and puncture resistance, meaning you can confidently and safely handle broken glass and twisted metal 

  • a waterproof H2Xbarrier lining meets OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards

  • highly abrasion-resistant, durable TP-X® palm material allows for a firm, solid grip

  • superior back-of-hand protection guards against injuries to those areas of the hands

  • reinforced index finger and thumb saddles extend the gloves’ lives

  • SlipFit® cuff with Velcro® closure provides a great fit and easy on and off between calls

Additionally, the HexArmor EXT Rescue® Barrier 4014 Extrication Gloves are machine-washable and are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from Small to 2X-Large.

For more information and to order yours, visit TheFireStore.com. 

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