Saturday, March 12, 2016

An Innovative Yet Simple Device: The LoneStar Piglet

Developed with the specialized needs of firefighters in mind by an experienced Texas firefighter, the LoneStar Piglet is an innovative, yet beautifully simple fire-service device. Read on for more details.

Labeled as the younger brother of the LoneStar Pig, the Piglet represents the evolution of modern firefighting: It combines the proven attributes of the two working ends of the flat-head and the pick-head axe to form a different, unique shape. Weighing only six pounds, the Piglet’s strengths lie in its versatility, as it is capable of handling a number of fire-related tasks, such as roof ventilations, forcible entry, breaching walls, and breaking locks, among many others.

Its 28-inch handle is useful for pulling down drywall, shiplap, lathe and plaster, and trim. In addition, the Piglet’s Nupla fiberglass handle is manufactured using a patented process of pultruding millions of fiberglass strands combined with resin to ensure its strength and durability.

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