Tuesday, February 2, 2016

10% off Zico Products

Between Feb. 2-7, you can get 10% off on all Zico products. Take a look below at some customer favorites: 

While using the wrench, you can perform a 360-degree rotation without scraping your knuckles in the process. Its lightweight design is comprised of high-strength aluminum, which makes it the perfect tool for opening most foam containers.

The QUIC-BAR can efficiently store your axe and halligan-style tools together. It can easily remove pins for quick access to your tools. For added convenience, it can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. There is an optional stop available, which makes the QUIC-BAR crew-cab compliant.

The bracket is designed to be used with 18- to 36-inch bolt cutters and includes an adjustable stop and pin. Its utility straps are designed to hold the handles firmly in place. Additionally, each bracket includes one variable strap and one fixed strap.

To see the rest of the Zico products we carry and save 10% on your Zico order, visit TheFireStore.com.

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