Wednesday, December 2, 2015

NightStick Helmet Light Sale! Don't miss out.

Check out our two-day-only sale on the popular NightStick Helmet Lights, which runs today, Dec. 2 through Dec. 3.  

When you're looking for a great option in hands-free lighting, the NightStick is it. It easily outshines the competition thanks to the powerful, tightly focused, 220-lumen beam that can stretch for 183 meters (600 feet). 

The options on this light are endless: Directly beneath the flashlight is a user-selectable brightness floodlight that is angled at a perfect 45 degrees. You can choose between 100 or 50 lumens for typical use. When you're utilizing the light in "dual-light" mode (the flashlight and the floodlight used in tandem), the wearer can illuminate the distance and ground at the same time, giving you maximum versatility and user safety. The floodlight's "survival" mode offers 15 lumens for 60-plus hours of use in case of emergencies. 

For more details on the NightStick Helmet Light, visit, and don't forget that you have today and tomorrow to take advantage of this great sale!

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