Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Save 10% on N5A's & N6A's

Right now you can save 10% on the popular Cairns N5A New Yorker and N6A Sam Houston leather helmets. Find out what makes them the no. 1 choice in leather:

N5A New Yorker and N6A Sam Houston 

New Yorkers and Sam Houstons are individually crafted, shaped, stitched, and trimmed by hand. Cairns has over 170 years of helmet-making experience, thereby setting the standard for a traditional-style helmet. These 100% leather helmets last for years with minimum maintenance thanks to the durable, handcrafted leather shell and premium quality they're made with. The N5A and N6A feature the added protection necessary to meet modern firefighting-safety standards.

All additional details, specs, and options can be found at

When you purchase an N5A or N6A between Oct. 6 and Oct. 13, you'll also receive a free TheFireStore Camelbak water bottle with your purchase.


whome2249 said...
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whome2249 said...

Leather helmets exude timeless charm and a classic aesthetic that seamlessly blends tradition with functionality. These headpieces, reminiscent of a bygone era, not only showcase a rich history but also symbolize durability and craftsmanship. The supple feel of quality leather, meticulously shaped to provide protection, adds a touch of sophistication to any wearer. In sports like American football, leather helmets pay homage to the roots of the game, fostering a sense of nostalgia while still meeting contemporary safety standards. Beyond their practical purpose, these helmets are a testament to the enduring appeal of vintage design, captivating enthusiasts with a sense of style that transcends time. Embracing a leather helmet is embracing the spirit of enduring elegance and embracing the past with open arms.

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