Monday, August 3, 2015

New Products from Saunders

Saunders has been recognized for over 65 years as the leading manufacturer of aluminum form holders and clipboards. As a US WORKS partner, Saunders employs the visually impaired, blind or otherwise disabled persons to work in their plants and earn a good paycheck. We are proud to show you a few of the latest that Saunders has to offer that are available at TheFireStore.

SlimMate Show2Know Safety Organizer

This storage clipboard is meant to offer you a solution to keep your thinking clear and concise, while providing you at-a-glance communication in an emergency. When closed, you can show the green side to signal all is OK, or show red to signal that immediate assistance is needed. Inside, there is room to store important documents needed for evacuations, emergencies, drills, and training. The Slimmate Show2Know Safety Organizer makes the perfect addition to offices, schools, daycares, summer camps, group events, hospitals, and facility complexes. 

This is the sleek and slim way to carry a plain pad of paper, made with recycled aluminum with 30% post-consumer waste, and recycled paper that is 30% post-consumer waste. It holds a standard size 8.5"x12" note pad size that's refillable, and includes an internal bend which can hold additional items securely inside. This product is a top-quality design that's a must-have for executives, teachers, medical professionals, public safety, and more. The Padfolio product is smartly designed for either left or right handed use. 


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