Friday, June 26, 2015

The Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Gloves

The popular Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Structural/Wildland Firefighting and Extrication gloves truly maximize your "gloves-on capability" in all your fire ground tasks.

Wearers rave about the versatility. Check out these reviews:

These gloves actually allow for good dexterity. I could actually tie complex knots with these gloves on. This makes them great for training and passing of skills testing as well as improved safety during fire scenes because you can feel what you are doing. - Logan, UT

I was debating buying gloves because I had gloves prior but, they sucked and were hard to move my hand in. Once I bought these gloves I was able to get ready faster and can do everything in these gloves. Super comfortable and when wet your hand stays dry. LIFE WITHOUT THESE GLOVES IS UNTHINKABLE. -Silvercola, New Jersey


Some of the features of the Fusion gloves include: Fire Retardant Pathogen/Moisture barrier which provides improved tactility, varied layering schemes that avoid bulking, mesh knit inner liner to reduce friction when taking off/putting on, and a flexible 7-layer knuckle guard system that provides the best protection of any gloves out there. 

The insides of the gloves are fully lined with two layers of a highly breathable, completely sealed polymer membrane, which prevents liquid and blood borne pathogen penetration.  The reflective tape is strategically placed on the glove's backside near the wrist area to help keep you seen and safe.

This glove is offered in a long cuff or short cuff option and in sizes XS-3XL. 

Find the perfect Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Glove fit for you on TheFireStore.

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