Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Our Most Popular Right Angle Light in the Shop!

I would recommend this light to any one who doesn't have one! I LOVE MINE!!!! -FFRockyRoad, New Hampshire

It's a great light to have on my turn out gear. Very bright and easy to handle. The low profile design allows me to crawl or get into tighter spaces without getting hung up on snags or debris. A few guys on the department got them (they all had high profile lights) after I did because they were impressed with it. I would highly recommend one.-Fireman30, Iowa

I use this light on all night time or indoor runs where I need light. I keep it unattached in the door of my truck in case I don't use my gear. Great light for any use. -Grimm, Ohio

As you can see the Streamlight Survivors continually rank up there in quality and reviews by users over and over. It's our most popular Right Angle light and it's proven time and time again to be an awesome light that's easy to rave about.

The Streamlight Survivor is a lightweight, hand-held personal light with a right angle head that's specifically designed for use in hazardous locations. The beam is a piercing one that cuts through smoke and users love the spring-loaded clip that grabs easily onto gear to make it hands-free.

The Survivor features C4 LED technology and provides four lighting modes: High (for a bright beam), Low (a bright light but with longer running time), Flash Signaling, and Moonlight (extreme battery conservation, runs for 20 days!).

This is the kind of light that's expecting to be abused. It's 2-meter water-resistant, has a high impact nylon construction that offers extreme durability. The lens is made of an unbreakable polycarbonate material with a silicon anti-scratch coating.

Powered by 4 simple Alkaline AA batteries, and with a limited lifetime warrant, the Surivor is the light for you.

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