Friday, June 19, 2015

New Force in Firefighting: Nozzles

The New Force nozzles we're going to show you today are based on a global nozzle platform design and combine over 40 years of Task Force Tips design innovation and experience. The G-Force Nozzles incorporate unique performance components such as the stainless steel slide valve, inlet debris screen, and protective fog pattern choices.

Below we'll show you a couple of the high performing nozzles that come in a low-cost package.

G-FORCE 1.5 NHF Tip & Ball Valve with Automatic Pressure and Variable Flow & Pistol Grip

This is a two-piece nozzle design including a combination nozzle tip and a comfortable pistol grip. It's available in 75psi or 100psi and with your choice of nozzle teeth shown below.

The ball-valve configuration allows for break and extended operations, and the unique slide-style valve and position valve provide turbulence-free stream performance. The large index ring with an indicator allows for easy flow or flush selections even with a bulky, gloved hand. 

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Task Force Tips: G-Force 1.5 NHF Slide Valve with Selectable Flow with Fixed Pressure

This one piece nozzle design features five detent flow positions and the choice of 75 or 100 PSI when you place your order. It has a stainless steel slide valve and can be flushed without pattern adjustment or shutting the nozzle down. The optimal straight stream and fog pattern performance are achieved at the selected flow and the single rated pressure (30/60/95/125/150gpm). The integral tactile indicator provides optional preset pattern selection or lock out. 

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Find more great New Force in Firefighting nozzles and products on our website. 

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