Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Great Glove Options from LION

You may know LION to typically be a turnout gear brand. However, the trusted family-owned-and-managed company offers so much more.  In today's blog, we're going to spotlight a few of LION's great glove options.

LION believes in collaborating with those who know the industry best to deliver solutions that are beneficial for the customer. Because of this, they've been able to develop great glove options for niche markets.

The Mechflex features a unique, 3-dimensional design that is meant not only to look cool, but give you optimal flexibility and dexterity while on the job. These gloves are tough, with a 100% nylon outer shell they'll carry you through those intense scenes. LION lacks no attention to detail when it comes to constructing these gloves, as they've got padded knuckle with stretch, reinforced palm and finger patches, puncture resistance, and high visibility. The slip-on debris-control elastic cuff makes it simple to pull on and off, yet protects you from wreckage and fragments.

Next up are the Mechflex Gripper Synthetic Gloves. These are another tough pair of gloves that feature silicon webbing on the palm and fingers that keep your grip tough and firm. These are the gloves to use for motor-vehicle accidents and tactical rescues, as they're resistant to abrasions, cuts and tears, and have extra padded protection to keep you from harm, including jagged metal or broken glass associated with extrications.

The MechFlex Mechanics Hi-Viz  are another great LION glove choice.

These gloves feature goat skin palm and fingers, which means they're the kind of glove that gives that good 'stretch' as you break them in. They also feature the cool 3-dimensional design and boast a tough nylon outer shell with Armortec palm and finger patches to withstand punctures. The added bonus to these gloves are the high-visibility features which give you an advantage with nighttime extrications and ensuring that you're seen on the scene.


If you're ready to try out some great extrication gloves, why don't you give LION a try?

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