Monday, April 20, 2015

NEW Channellock Tool Is Here!

It's here! It's here! The always-popular Channellock brought you another great tool with the 86! This tool was developed based on real-world feedback from our first responders. The Channellock 86 was designed specifically to be easy, intuitive, and have one-hand operation in high-stress situations. This is a 9" Rescue Tool for Linemen's with a spring and lock feature you'll love.

The Jaw design allows accommodations to many shapes and helps to provide maximum grip for the operator. The new Spring and Lock feature gives you the easiest one-hand operation in high intensity and high stress situations. There's no fuss when getting this tool open in a pinch.

The tool can shut off gas safety valves and will pry open windows and doors. The included spanner wrench will tighten and loosen hose couplings up to 5 inches.

The XLT technology requires considerably less force to cut than the traditional high leverage designs which makes the job easier on you so you can save the force for when you really need it on the scene. 

Ever have a cutting blade not actually cut well? Don't worry--that won't be a problem with the Channellock 86, as it's cutting edges are laser heat-treated making sure they last longer and cut hard and soft wire with ease.


  • Overall length: 9.02 in / 229.48 mm
  • Jaw length: 1.78 in / 45.38 mm
  • Joint thickness: 0.45 in / 11.43 mm
  • Joint width: 1 in / 25.40 mm
  • Cutting edge: 0.72 in / 18.38 mm
  • Nose width: 0.25 in / 6.47 mm
  • Handle span: 3.76 in / 95.55 mm
  • Weight: 0.90 lbs / 412.27 g
Get the new Channellock 86 tool, today!

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