Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New Capt. Jim Fire Hood

There's a new standard in town when it comes to hoods...and that's the New Capt. Jim Fire Hood from Response Protection Corp.

The Capt. Jim Hood offers firefighters tremendous durability and a high level of protection against flame and intense heat. This hood was created by Kevin F. O'Donoghue, the CEO of RPC. Drawing from his 38 years of experience in the fire service, he created a safer and more comfortable hood for firefighters.

The hood is made of a double-layered 60% 6oz Micro Carbon Fiber/40% Kevlar blend that wicks away moisture and steam while providing advanced thermal protection.

The Capt Jim measures 20" long and features an expandable face opening. Right in the center of the hood's crown sits a 3"x7" FR protected vent, which also helps to wick away moisture and keep the head cool while on duty.

This hood is a simple wash---just use plain soap and warm or cool water, then air dry it within 2 hours.

  • Fire hood is made of a double-layered 60% 6 oz. Micro Carbon Fiber / 40% Kevlar blend
  • 20” long hood features an expandable face opening
  • 3” x 7” FR protected vent sits in the center of the fire hood’s crown
  • Wicks away moisture (perspiration and water) and steam
  • Can tolerate and protect against 34 calories of heat per square centimeter
  • Can be washed with plain soap and warm or cool water; air dries in approximately 2 hours
  • Has an initial TPP rating of 26, which increases with washings
  • UL certified to NPFA 1971 for Structural and Proximity Fire Fighting Clothing and NFPA 1975 for Station/Work Uniforms for Emergency Services
If you're ready for a higher standard in hoods, then check out the Capt Jim hood, today. 

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