Friday, January 2, 2015

Retracta-CADE: 10' Retractable Baricade System

Have you seen these awesome Retracta-Cade crowd control barriers? Developed by retired New York Police Department Lieutenant so first responders can have a barricade for safety available immediately that can be transported in patrol cars.

Having a Retracta-Cade available provides immediate security when blockades are needed on scenes or on the road. They can be used by all types of emergency personnel, as you'll see below:

Police & Sheriff Departments: The Retracta-Cade can be stored in a patrol vehicle trunk and can be used instantly in various situations including checkpoints, vehicular accidents, demonstrations, street fairs and parades, and crime scenes.

Fire Departments: Fire Departments use the Retracta-Cade instead of their fire trucks to close down streets to pedestrian traffic while fighting fires, vehicle accidents, hazardous spills and general crowd control.

Military & SWAT: The Retracta-Cade provides military police with a spontaneous deployment barrier to create security boundaries quickly and efficiently. They can be used on military bases to create a security perimeter for base camps.

Barricades are crucial in the safety industry to help pedestrians remain safe and designate dangerous areas. They can also be used to restrict road access and to manage traffic flow away from work zones or dangerous accidents.

The draw to the Retracta-Cade is that it can cold to less than half it's size, and then retracts to 4'L x 8"D x 2.4" H when fully extended. The legs deploy so easily and the extensions pull out in seconds! 

There are threaded locking carabiners at each end which can secure the connection between barriers and can even rotate for use uphill or on endless configurations. When not being used the carabiners lock flush into place on the sides of the end caps.

Three ways to order:

Red with white stripes
Blue with white stripes
Yellow with black stripes

You can learn more about the Retracta-cade on our website and order yours for your department, today.

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