Wednesday, December 10, 2014

NEW Junkyard Dog Glass Knife Kit #1

The Junkyard Dog's Glass Knife Kit #1 gives rescuers the key tools they need to access patients who are severely trapped in very damaged or even overturned vehicles. This is the product you need to help give you the tools to safely get to those injured in a hurry.

The primary piece in the Glass Knife Kit is the smooth-edged glass knife head, which can be attached to any drill in order to effectively cut through laminated glass. The kit also includes a pry bar that allows you to put an opening in the glass where you can then begin with the glass knife to start cutting.

Included also is the can of Invisible Glass Wetting Agent which makes opaque glass transparent and enables you to make cleaner cuts.

The kit doesn't forget anything--as it's got safety glasses and N95 dust masks to protect rescuers from those unknown hazards while they work on getting to the patients fast. 

The entire kit comes in a convenient carrying bag which gives easy storage and a simple way to transport the tools included. The Junkyard Dog Industries' Glass Knife Kit #1 is exactly what every rescuer needs to quickly and efficiently access patients trapped in their vehicles after unfortunate accidents.

Just for clarity, the kit includes:
    • (1) Glass Knife Head
    • (1) Pry Bar
    • (5) N95 Dust Masks
    • (1) Pair of Safety Glasses
    • (1) Can of Wetting Agent
    • (1) Carrying Bag

Get the great Junkyard Dog Glass Knife Kit #1 for your department, today.


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Davin Runolfsson said...
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Robert Weeks said...

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