Friday, December 12, 2014

Great Gift Alert: The Tygh Tool

When shopping for that perfect gift for the firefighter in your life, consider the Tygh ToolCreated by a Philadelphia Firefighter, Dan Tygh, who wanted to solve a problem and make his job a little more effective-thus, the Tygh Tool was born. He wanted to make a product to keep his trips to and from the truck limited as it was wasting time on the scene. He wanted to make a tool that was small and versatile, but could be used for both routine and also less common firefighting tasks. He also wanted to combine tools for both engine and ladder work.

The Tygh Tool doesn't only function as a general tool, such as a hammer, wrench or pry bar, but it's tailored for firefighter needs by including the capabilities of a spanner wrench, gas shut-off, rope hose tool, door chock and much more! You might wonder how there can be over a dozen uses in one small tool-but it's true!

In less than 1lb, and easy to fit in your pocket, made out of a single piece of stainless steel, the Tygh Tool WILL survive the hardships of any fire job and will quickly become the most useful tool in your gear.

Here are it's featured uses:
  1. Pry bar – doors, windows, battery cables
  2. Spanner wrench – coupling and uncoupling hose 
  3. Gas shut off wrench (residential) / ½” wrench
  4. Commercial gas shut off wrench (spanner wrench)
  5.  Oxygen wrench / ¼” wrench
  6. Door keeper – fits over hinge, keeps doors open
  7. 10 ‘ loop of paracord 550 on handle  for many uses
  8. Rope hose tool – secures ladders and hose
  9. Striking tool  / Hammer
  10. Glass Breaker
  11. Nail puller / Chisel
  12. Overhaul tool – search for fire, remove trim, sheet rock, plaster and lath
  13. Marlin Spike – untying knots
  14. Anchor point for ropes
  15. Operates standpipe valves and gate valves (1/2", 9/16", 5/8" square stem) that are missing water control  wheel  or  handle due to vandalisim or theft with rectangular gas shut off or spanner wrench, residential water valves missing wheel (1/4" square) with O2 wrench, (5/16", 3/8" square) with 3/8" notch in handle
  16. Changes gas powered circular saw blades (1/2" wrench) 
  17. Emergengency Tourniquet
  18. Bottle Opener

To get your hands on a Tygh Tool in time for Christmas, go to our website to order now

Happy Shopping!

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