Friday, November 7, 2014

#EBTT -Tempest Pathmaster

We're back with another #EBTT entry--where Al told us that he thought the Tempest Technology Pathmaster Rapid Deployment Flow Path Barrier was the coolest product we've got. So maybe you don't know much about this product with a super long name? Well don't worry--we'll fill you in on all the details today.

The point of the Rapid Deployment Flow Path Barrier is to give you the ability to control air movement, therefore controlling the fire. It gives any Fire Department the ability to rapidly deploy barriers aiding in directive fire movement, growth and behavior, which anyone will tell you is worth it's weight in gold!

The Tempest Pathmaster is made from a fire resistant, lightweight materials that makes it easy for any firefighter to do just that.

This valuable tool has a few uses.

1. To control/reduce smoke and movement/damage
2. Redirect interior flow paths
3. Reduce doorway size to increase PPV performance

Let's go into detail, shall we?

Controlling Smoke Movement & Damage:
The Pathmaster creates a temporary blockade, because fire smoke is super heated and travels through the upper portion of any doorway/ventilation point and then quickly spreads. With the Pathmaster, it almost entirely eliminates smoke movement between rooms/buildings which helps prevent more smoke damage or risk.

Redirect Interior Flow Paths
With the Pathmaster it allows a firefighter to easily open and close flow paths, since fire behavior is becoming increasingly apparently. This way, it puts the control of the fire in the department's hands.

Amplify PPV-Increase Pressure
Another use for the Pathmaster can be to reduce doorway size, in doing so a firefighter is able to place a PPV fan even closer to the ventilation point while being able to create the necessary seal.

The product is available in 2 widths, 28"-46" and 26"-59".

To learn more and purchase one for your department, click here.


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