Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NEW Gemtor Handle-It

Gemtor's new Handle-It is a great, versatile and valuable tool for ANY firefighter to have. Wanna hear more about it? Because we want to tell you about it!

This little guy, weighing in at only 3 ounces has the ability to support up to 400 pounds. Yes, you heard me right--400 lbs! The Gemtor Hand-It Firefighter's Tool is a 72" long self-adjusting tool that's designed to assist firefighters a huge variety of holding and carrying duties.

The design is crazy versatile which means the Gemtor Handle-It can be used to carry cylinders, rolled up hoses, perform door controls, and even assist in dragging or carrying trapped or unconscious people to safety and out of harms way!

It's made from a heat and cut-resistant material which allows it to withstand even the harshest, most hostile environments you as a firefighter may run up against. The fact that it's lightweight means it's easy to carry around while hardly even noticing, very strong, durable and capable of performing all sorts of carrying and holding tasks.

Check out a few pics that really give you a feel for what the Gemtor Handle-It can do for you.

If you can see the Gemtor Handle-It being a valuable part of your gear--go ahead and get yourself one, or a few, today. 

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