Monday, September 8, 2014

The MaxxDry XL Forced Air Drier

Wet garments are uncomfortable and gross, but a reality of the career we're in. But you don't have to go home soggy and wet anymore--let the MaxxDryXL Forced Air technology work it's magic to quickly remove moisture, perspiration, bacteria and mold! All of those things are the primary source of odor-so let's do something about it!

The MaxxDryXL can gently dry 4 garments in about 1 hour. This multi-dryer includes everything and can dry a combination of tall boots and short boots, gloves, boots, or two pairs of gloves at the same time. 

Think about the endless possibilities when it comes to winter products! Like children's gloves and boots after playing in the snow. No more running the large dryer for just a few items-with the MaxxDryXL, there's no waiting all night, no stiffness and zero shrinkage. You won't get any damage whatsoever!

The features of this MaxxDryXL are top notch. With DryComfort Forced Air Technology, and 4 durable air chambers, it can dry 4 garments simultaneously. It heats to 105 degrees F and won't harm any liners of the garments. It kills the odor giving you a longer life with your products. It's made with a high impact yet lightweight construction, and there's even an option to use heat, or no heat! It has a 3 hour timer feature on it so you can control dry time if you've got to leave the house.

With a 1 year warranty and the quiet whisper rotary blower and an easy 120v AC household outlet, this is the product for the fire station or for the home on a wintry day. 

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