Monday, September 22, 2014

New Shelby Gloves

When Shelby comes out with new glove designs, we tell you about them. Why? Because Shelby Gloves never disappoint! The New 3oz Shelby Pigskin Wildland/Rescue Gloves are the fresh-to-the-scene gloves we're telling you about today!
These gloves are available in two different wrist options: gauntlet or with a wristlet, depending on the style jacket you wear and what would fit most comfortably. Of course they Meet NFPA standards and so you can be sure they'll protect you on the scene with the unknowns thrown your way.

The outer shell is made from a heavy 3 to 3.25 oz brushed Pigskin and they're in a popcorn and black color, made to be abrasion resistant. Just because you work hard with those hands, doesn't mean you need a scuffed up pair of gloves! The 4" Nomex wristlet provides great protection, and the tanned hide does not contain PCP, it's salts or esters. 

The gloves are constructed to perfection. They have a Lock-Stitch sewn Kevlar thread, which is 8-10 stitches per inch, providing strength, yet durability! The spun-Kevlar thread is safe yet strong, and the 1/8" wide double row stitching around inset thumb provides strength where strength is needed.

For a few other Shelby options, keep reading.

Shelby Flex-Tuff Gloves

Ahead of the curve...right out the box!
  • Pre-curved shell layer, GORE barrier system, and thermal liner for extra comfort and dexterity • Shelby engineered Flex Points™, Trigger Finger™, and G-BLOC™
  • Reflective safety enhancements
  • Shell made from Shelby Koala gold-split cowhide
  • Lifetime guarantee against liner pullout
  • Choose Gauntlet or Wristlet style

The FDP series glove with the Shelby barrier system, uses waterproof, breathable GORE technology to provide a look, feel, and performance different from any other glove used by Fire Service today.

Shelby Glove produces the finest fit, with proven durability, to ensure unbeatable performance and protection for those who serve. The innovation of the industry's first ever cut and sewn e-PTFE fire glove barrier system, along with its waterproof, breathable performance, provides an excellent integration of technology and manufacturing expertise. The GORE RT7100 Glove Barrier Fabric is uniquely suited to complement the highly engineered Shelby cut and sewn glove system, and is perfectly crafted to fit Shelby's NEW anatomically correct outer shell glove patterns.

The Shelby FDP breathable barrier thermal liner glove system is individually graded and produced in as many sizes as glove sizes. These barrier/thermal liner glove systems are sized proportional to human hands.

This glove is constructed of Heavy Weight Split Elk Hide and Shelby Abrasion Resistant Brushed Pigskin and Gore RT7100 Glove Barrier Fabric. Gauntlet or Wristlet Style. It is NFPA Compliant and Fire Retardant.

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