Friday, September 12, 2014

NEW! Petzl Headlamp

The NEW Petzl Duo 14 LED Headlamp is the IT headlamp out there. First of all, it's waterproof up to 5 meters. Then, it's got a hybrid light source--a mash up of a focusable halogen bulb and a regulated 14 LED module. All you have to do is move the switch up to select the powerful halogen beam which has higher energy consumption, or move the switch down to select LEDs with lower energy consumption.

The special zoom button allows for focusing of the high beam depending on the situation you're in and the precision of which you need the light. You can even turn it down for a narrow spotlight or up for a wider beam. The Duo LED 14 allows you to optimize the power and duration of the lighting depending on your needs.

The New Petzl Duo LED 14 is electronically regulated and maintains constant brightness. It's 3 power levels are:
1. Optimum: Ideal balance between power and burn time.
2. Maximum: Maximum Power
3. Economic: Long Burn Time

You can also guarantee that all facets of this headlamp were taken into consideration when made. For instance, the adjustable elastic headband is comfortable and soft. The light body can be tilted so you can always get the exact position. The on/off switch can be locked to prevent accidental operation. And it operates simply with four AA/LR6 Batteries (included), or with an optional ACCU DUO Rechargeable battery pack.

Every Petzl Headlamp undergo performance and quality tests--they get mechanical, electrical, and optical stimulations during their development to make sure they can meet and exceed requirements and standards.

These products only receive final approval and hit the market after many, many months of development and testing.

Get your New Petzl DUO 14 Headlamp today.

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