Monday, August 11, 2014

Leather Radio Straps

Boston Leather Radio straps are the IT straps used by firefighters, because of their heavy leather construction and durability among other features. There is no doubt these are some of our best-selling products.

They have a great adjustable length feature. They're also reversible so they can be used whether you're a left or right hander, or depending on which side you prefer your radio on! All the nickel hardware is rust-free, so it will stand the test of time.

There's a convenient leather loop for attaching a cell phone or flashlight. This radio strap is designed for use with a button back speaker microphone.

So what are the advantages of a strap like this? 

It will protect your radio from heat and water damage. 

It reduces portable radio losses on the scene.

It keeps your speaker mike easily accessible for instant communication.

It works with all types of radio cases and holders!

There are two great sizes available. Regular fits most firefighters up to 6' tall and adjusts from 54 1/2" to 52 1/2". The Extra Long is recommended for those 6'1 or taller and adjusts from 58 1/2' to 66 1/2".

Available in three options: motorola clip, leather mic straps, or with silver reflective trim.

Don't forget to add the anti-sway strap to keep it secured tightly to your belt loop, so when you bend over everything stays put.

Choose a universal radio case or cruise through our custom cases to find one specific to your model.

All our other radio straps options and packages are available here, so what are you waiting for? Grab your leather radio strap and holders, today!