Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tempest Fans, new performance features!

Tempest Technology makes an array of sweet and useful products, some of which are their powerful and amazing speed blower fans.

Their new one, The Tempest Variable Speed Blower VSR has some brand new performance features and holds true to Tempest's signature Power Blower Design. It's bridging the gap between gas and electric, and you may never go back.

It has a flip-up/fold down handle which makes transporting and/or storing a little simpler. It also keeps safety a top priority with the informative safety bar. It's welded out of a lightweight material on a roll cage frame keeping it easy to tote around. It's even packed with off-road tires for that rugged terrain you may need to take it down. It's got a safety grille so no tiny fingers or objects can get harmed. When it comes to durability, safety, and ergonomics, there is nothing safer than a Tempest Power Blower.

The massive 2.0 HP motor paired with their signature blade and shroud designs deliver the absolute best in quality when it comes to performance. If you're looking to go electric, but don't want to sacrifice good airflow, the new Tempest VSR is the answer for you.

Available in different sizes and features:
Blade Size: 
Power Cord Length: 
Wire Gauge: 
10 AWG12 AWG

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