Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New! Akron Forcible Entry Tools

Two great, new forcible entry tools from Akron that we need you to know about, available now on our site: The Brute Force and the Tri Bar.

Brute Force Forcible Entry Tool Sledge-Head, Chisel, Axe All-in-One

The Brute Force is a revolutionary tool for forcible entry that is also designed to marry with our Tri-Bar, or any halligan. This tool is a sledge hammer with benefits! It has a sledge head for driving the  Tri-Bar, a chisel/axe edge for cutting/ripping and a marring slot for the Tri-Bar. It can perform all the jobs that the hammer can in addition to great ripping and tearing capabilities.

Specific Details on the tool available here

Break through or pry open whatever stands in your way. The Tri-Bar™ forcible entry tool is drop-forged in one piece from a single bar of alloy steel, heat-treated for added strength, and given a durable, corrosion-resistant powder-coated finish. This incredibly tough tool will not chip or break during a critical operation—or day-to-day use. Use the adze, pick, or fork to quickly break many types of locked doors, punch through walls, or shut off gas valves. Three hammer surfaces help you force your way through or around obstructions of all kinds. Built-in strap rings let you attach an optional Shoulder Strap for convenient hands-fee carry. It’s a tool you’ll find hard to leave behind. Choose 24", 30” or 36” lengths in High-visibility Orange, Silver, or standard Black. (24" available in black only)

Specific Details about the tool on our website

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