Monday, June 30, 2014

Go Pro or Go Home

You've seen athletes with the GoPro camera--but what about firefighters? Why not capture and share your life's most meaningful experiences with the GoPro Hero 3+, even smaller and lighter than before! Don't worry, you won't be sacrificing quality because this camera boasts 1080p60/960p/100 and 720p/120 fps. It's a 12mp camera with amazing video and stills quality that makes this the most advanced GoPro yet.

Just check out this heartfelt little video that was captured fully with the GoPro Hero 3+, where a firefighter makes a very important rescue.

(Check out tons of amazing GoPro videos on the GoPro YouTube Channel, you'll be mesmerized!)

The new Hero 3+ model has some amazing features:

Smallest, lightest GoPro yet. 

Professional video quality.

Powerful photo capture. 


New Auto Low Light mode. 

Sharper images, less distortion.

Improved audio. 

30% longer battery life. 

4x faster Wi-Fi.

Wireless camera updates. 

You can be getting images like these in no-time! So don't stop, go now to get your GoPro so you can start sharing the intimate details of your job on the scene. 

GoPro or Go home.

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