Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cooling Equipment for the Summer Heat

Personal care on a HOT scene is important, and with all our cooling equipment, you can make sure you and your people stay safe and cool.

Maintaining a safe core body temperature helps keep you stable and healthy, able to keep yourself top notch so you can stick to the real reason you're around, to save and protect.

So check out a few of these great cooling products we have on our site and consider adding them to your rehab equipment and insure the safety of your firefighters.

From our site, "Numerous studies, such as those done by NASA- When external temperatures are too severe, or evaporation is hampered by dehydration or restrictive clothing, the results are more likely to be severe heat stress, cramping, heat exhaustion, and even heart attack. Plus it rapidly reduces brain function—including the ability to reason and make the quick, correct decisions so critical to survival in a dangerous situation." 

This is why rehab products such as the ones below are so vital to have on hand in extreme situations.

Shafer Enterprises CoolShirt: Aqua Vest Active Firefighter Rehab Vest

• Over 50 ft. of soft medical grade tubing stitched into the vest circulates cold water over 30-40% of the body to cool 28 times faster than cool air
• Can also be soaked with water for improved evaporative cooling, as well as convective cooling, during rehab or whenever vest can be exposed to air
• Helps maintain a safe core body temperature to keep users refreshed, alert, and more effective
• Reduces heat stress, fatigue, exhaustion, and heat-related illnesses. Improves safety, productivity, well-being
• Simply plugs into your existing Aqua Vest Active Firefighter rehab cooler, or any Cool Shirt stationary or portable personal Cooling System
• Helps meet NFPA 1584 Standards for Active Cooling and Rehab
• Aqua vests and cooler system packs sold separately

Shafer Enterprises: Short Sleeve Firewear CoolShirt

A CoolShirt System is the only active cooling system designed to protect against heat stress by cooling the body's core temperature. It will help keep you focused, alert and able to maintain your level of performance.
  • Patented non-kink tubing
  • consistent and continual cooling
  • Help maintain a safe core body temperature
  • Inherently Fire Resistant
  • Prevent heat stress
  • Lessen dehydration
  • Reduce errors

When activated simply in a small amount of water, the amazing fabric feels cooler than the ambient temperature and will remain cool for hours. You may cut the towel size and wrap around your head, neck, wrists or use under a ventilated cap. If it dries out just add water, give it a quick wring and it’s ready to continue cooling.

Find these and other cooling apparel and cooling systems on our website here! Be sure to check our line of hydration items while you're at it, too.

Don't forget to KEEP COOL!

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