Monday, May 5, 2014

New: Portable & Rechargeable Scene Light by Streamlight

Check out the NEW Portable & Rechargeable Scene Light by Streamlight. With 3600 bright lumens that are sure to light up your scene, this will be one of your best investments all year!

With it's narrow footprint and 72" extension pole, this light can go almost anywhere! If you need light in a wide open space, great! In a tight space? Perfect! Confined space? You bet. The New Streamlight Scene Light will get the job done!

  • Selectable diffuser settings for two beam widths
  • Optimum peripheral illumination for scene lighting; 90° swivel neck allows you to aim the beam where you need it for task lighting
  • Sealed lead acid batteries, rechargeable up to 500 times
  • Batteries will continue charge while operating directly from an external 12V DC power source when using the remote cord so you can be confident that you will always have a light when you need it
  • Indefinite run time when using 12V DC power cord

Many more details about this great light on our site!

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Peter Floyd said...

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