Friday, February 14, 2014

Things to Keep You Warm

We don't know about you, but we're knee deep in snow over here and while we're dreaming of Spring and warmer things, the reality is, there'e still a lot of Winter left. While w'ere on the topic of Winter and snow, let's talk about some of our great products that are sure to keep you warm for the remainder of these cold months!

We have tons of different brands of jobshirts that are sure to keep you warm whether you're hanging at the firehouse, on the scene, or at home with your family. Options that range from 1/4 zip, to pullover-style, to full zips, pressed colors, or more of a comfortable sweatshirt look. No matter what you choose, we know the jobshirt will keep you warm!

The boots we offer from a wide array of brands will no doubt be awesome boots for on the scene, but they also will keep your toes nice and warm in this frigid weather! Why not use those fire boots as snow boots when you're shoveling out your driveway? Dual purpose! Check out our huge offering of boots that will no doubt keep your feet nice and toasty.

Of course underneath those great boots you should have a good pair of socks! TheFireStore offers socks that are cozy and warm, some even designed specifically for cold weather, making sure those toes stay good and warm while you're at the scene, in the firehouse, or shoveling snow. Check out our great sock collection and stay nice and warm the remainder of this winter & comfortable throughout the rest of the seasons. 

You know that they say most of your body heat escapes from your head, right? Well, you can resolve that by getting yourself a great, warm hat from our large hat collection. Hats from brands such as Under Armour, True North, or Blauer---they'll be sure to keep you warm in the extreme cold. 


We're wishing for Winter to end as much as you--but for now, keep your body nice and protected from the cold with these great products. 

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RobHarris said...

Picked up a warm pair of winter hiking boots at local running shoes store and it's honestly so much more comfy!